Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free Affiliate Marketing ... :-)

You may have heard that Affiliate Marketing is the new method used to bring traffic to your blog or website. 

Now, what is Affiliate Marketing ???

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based marketing in which the individual/business rewards the affiliate for each visitor or customer brought.

Why does one need more visitors to their blog ???

The main purpose for which one writes a blog is to be reached to the big population of web users on the World Wide Web. A blog provides this facility and with the availability of a number of tools like Blogger or Wordpress writing a blog has become very easy.

How does Affiliate Marketing help ???

Affiliate Marketing helps by encouraging more visitors to visit your website or blog. Having more visitors to your blog or webpage will push you up in your blog/website's search rankings.
Many Affiliate Marketing businesses charge you a fee to bring visitors to your website and in turn they pay a nominal amount to the visitors to visit your site.

How can Affiliate Marketing be free ???

There is this company called Entrecard. They have a system of using Virtual Money. Once you are registered, you will be given a widget to be put on your blog/website. You will be able to advertise your blog or website on other users site by paying some EC's (EntreCard Credits). The ads for your site will be shown on the other users Entrecard widget placed on their site.
You will be able to Buy Entrecard credits by either paying money or you have the free option to visit others site and press the Drop button on their widget.
For every drop you get 1 EntreCard Credit.


Thus there is a mutual understanding of dropping in each other site and thus generating more traffic and this for FREE.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Submit Your URL To Google Search

Whenever you create a blog or a website the one thing one must not forget is to Submit your site URL to Google Search.

Google Search has provided this provision so that the largest number of users of this search engine may use this facility to manually submit their site information to Google rather than waiting for Google Crawler to visit your site.

I have provided the link below so that you find it easy to access this Google URL Submission Page.


Submitting your URL to the Google Search Engine ensures that anybody who searches for your blog or website on the Google Search finds it easily and quickly.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

iPhone 4

The long expected Apple iPhone 4 is finally out. The company launched its new iPhone called iPhone 4 yesterday. The new iPhone has an entirely different look. Its much thinner than its previous generation iPhone.

This new phone is expected to provide the a longer lasting battery that has 40% more capacity than the previous generation one's.

The new FaceTime feature provides video calling.

The metal frame outside serves as an antenna.

The new OS, iOS 4 will be available for the previous generation phones and iPod Touch on 21st June.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Morning Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail...

Microsoft woke up from a deep sleep of so many years.. LOLzz... It unveiled the so called Windows Live Hotmail to give a tough competition to gmail.

There are some ways in which it beats gmail though gmail remains ahead in a few features. I would say that Windows Live Hotmail is a better email service that gmail. Gmail which has been in Beta for the last so many years has been simply advanced in its research. So it wont be long for gmail to Microsoft once again. Microsoft the laziest leading software developer would obviously be dormant for another few years till another company or Gmail would introduce several new features... LOLzzz

Microsoft currently has a hassle free sign-up procedure which requires providing no phone number during registration. Gmail on the other hand wants to collect phone numbers from people under the pretext of stopping fake accounts to be created. I don't like this.

People should stop using gmail and move on to hotmail now...

Simply couldn't resist putting up this image... :)) Enjoy..!!!... :D

Monday, May 3, 2010

Support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP SP2 to end by July

Microsoft offers support for its products for 5 years and extended support for 10 years.
July 13th would be the last day that Microsoft would offer extended support for its former operating systems Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP2. This would mean paid support, support assistance and security updates for these versions would be discontinued according to the company.
However, for another a year, self-help online support, which includes Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, FAQs and troubleshooting tools, would be available.
The users of Windows 2000 would have to migrate to more recent version of Microsoft Windows or live with no support from Microsoft. Microsoft has a Windows 2000 End-of-Support Center with advice on migrating to Windows 7 (for desktops) or Windows Server 2003, 2008, or 2008 R2 (for servers).
For the users of Windows XP SP2, or earlier, there is a free option available to continue Microsoft Support. And this would be to simply upgrade to SP3 which can be done by Internet Explorer Windows Update utility.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Google Revamps Search

Google recently optimized its search engine to boost search result relevance.  This feature allows the users to refine their search results more diligently. Users can now filter by content type and obtain more relevant search results from Google. The search giant through this strives to keep its search smart compared to rivals Microsoft Bing and Yahoo. These changes began rolling out on the 5th May across 37 languages and lives in the left-hand panel. 

The new Look-and-Feel of Google Search

The new side search panel brings the most relevant search tools and refinements for the search query. The Universal Search, the Search Options panel, and Google Squared launched over the past three years have been brought together to power the side panel.
Universal Search helps to find the most relevant types of results for the search query. The top section of the new left-hand panel builds on Universal Search by suggesting the most relevant genres of results for the query and letting one to seamlessly switch to these different types of results. The “Everything” option gets the different types of results integrated into the main results but the user now can also easily switch to just the particular type of results.

The expandable Search Options panel launched earlier brought many rich slice-and-dice tools to search. The new left-hand navigation showcases these tools and enables one to get a different view of the results. Just in case somebody wants to see only the images from each of the results or just the news? The options on the left will suggest the tools that are relevant and helpful to the query.

Google Squared (available on Google Labs) helps in finding and comparing entities. The “Something different” feature has been developed on the technology in Google Squared to find other entities that are related to the query, so that one can easily explore not only the results for the current query but other related topics as well.