Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Morning Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail...

Microsoft woke up from a deep sleep of so many years.. LOLzz... It unveiled the so called Windows Live Hotmail to give a tough competition to gmail.

There are some ways in which it beats gmail though gmail remains ahead in a few features. I would say that Windows Live Hotmail is a better email service that gmail. Gmail which has been in Beta for the last so many years has been simply advanced in its research. So it wont be long for gmail to Microsoft once again. Microsoft the laziest leading software developer would obviously be dormant for another few years till another company or Gmail would introduce several new features... LOLzzz

Microsoft currently has a hassle free sign-up procedure which requires providing no phone number during registration. Gmail on the other hand wants to collect phone numbers from people under the pretext of stopping fake accounts to be created. I don't like this.

People should stop using gmail and move on to hotmail now...

Simply couldn't resist putting up this image... :)) Enjoy..!!!... :D


Vera said...

I prefer my windows Live Hotmail accounts over that of my gmail. :)

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